10 Best Restaurants for Christmas Eve & Day Dinner in Las Vegas

10 best restaurants for Christmas eve and day dinner in Las Vegas

Vegas Christmases are as busy and fun-filled as anywhere else — and maybe more-so, which makes a traditional family meal at the end of the day all the more important! Today we’re featuring the 10 top restaurants for a Christmas dinner with the family. If you think you might like to reserve a table, please do so as soon as possible! Seating is limited and running out fast.

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Best (Authentic) Chinese Restaurants in Vegas

Best (Authentic) Chinese Restaurants in Vegas

You can find the best restaurants of all kinds in Las Vegas, but the one cuisine you absolutely must try on your next visit is Chinese. You’ll be surprised to learn just how many great choices there are for Chinese food in town — I know I was.

Chinese cuisine is as varied as it is tasty, so to keep things tidy we’re going to break our favorite restaurants down by the Chinese region they hail from.

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