Why November-December is the Best Time to Go to Vegas

why Nov-Dec is the best time to go to Vegas

Sure, summertime in Vegas means pool parties and dayclubs, but it also means triple-digit temps and record-breaking heat. Spring is nice, too, but visitor- and allergen-heavy, which leaves my absolute favorite times of year: fall and winter. If you’re a local, then you already know how wonderful Las Vegas is during November and December, but if you’re not… allow me to mount my soap box and make my case.

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How to bet on Breeders’ Cup in Vegas

how to bet on breeder cup in Vegas?

Coming to Vegas the weekend of November 4, 2016? Looking for things to do? Well, good news! You will arrive during one of our most exciting weekends! You see, the Breeders’ Cup is this weekend at Santa Anita Park in California, and people have been reserving their hotel rooms in Vegas for months. Why? Anyone and everyone can bet on the ponies in perfect comfort in our wonderful sportsbooks!

In addition to massive viewing areas with huge screens where you can watch all of the major football games, there are separate sections set aside for horse betting. There, you get your own TV, cocktail waitresses and racing information. But what good does it do when you don’t know the first thing about horse betting? Well, why are we here after all? To give you the info you need, because we want you to enjoy our fabulous city like a pro (or at least a semi-informed guest!).

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Things to Do in Vegas Halloween Weekend 2016

In what the internet has deemed a perfect summation of the year 2016, Halloween falls on a Monday this year. Talk about scary! In fact, in most places it’s a total bummer, but if you’re lucky enough to be spending the spookiest time of the year in Las Vegas, your Halloween won’t suffer from a case of the Mondays.

From costume parties and haunted houses to movie nights and nightclubs, there are about a million ways to do Halloween in the desert — even if, like me, you still have Real Life (TM) to tend to on Monday and Tuesday. Check out some of Vegas’ Halloween activities for this weekend.

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