Best Race and Sportsbooks in Las Vegas

best sportsbooks in las vegas

The truth is, you can find a sportsbook in just about every casino on the Strip, but not all are created equal. Many Vegas hotels are theme-based, so it figures that their sportsbooks would follow suit. On top of that, the majority are managed either by independent gaming companies or by the casinos themselves, which means each one is unique. With so many options, it can be hard to make a choice — especially if you’re only visiting for a short period of time — but I have good news for you on that front. All of our sportsbooks are so awesome that you really can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose!

That said, I do highly recommend the following:


The Bellagio Race and Sportsbook

The Bellagio, with its fountains, botanical gardens and classy interiors, is the jewel of MGM Resorts International. Everything in this hotel has been carefully designed to provide the best possible experience to guests, and the race and sportsbook is no exception.

Every race and sports bettor or fan should experience an NFL Sunday or important racing event in this freshly remodeled book. It is as electric as it is stylish! The book has both race and sports sections, with large TV screens so you don’t miss any of the action. Its leather seats are so comfortable that I dare you to try to leave, especially once an elegantly dressed cocktail waitress hand-delivers you a fabulous drink.

And when it comes to betting, this book has everything: Seven types of parlay cards, a wide range of betting options, and plenty of extremely knowledgeable mutual clerks. Trust me: you need to set aside some time to visit this sportsbook. It is a GEM!

Caesars Palace Race and Sportsbook

Do you want to be treated like a Roman emperor during your visit? Well, that’s what Caesars Palace aims to do! This hotel was craftily designed with such great attention to detail that it feels as if you’ve been transported to ancient times — with all the newest technology to enhance your experience, of course. 

Conveniently located by the poker room, right beside an awesome bar, this sportsbook has so many incredible oversized screens that you will be tempted to move in for good! Don’t be deterred if you aren’t one for bars. The sportsbook has booths, too, and each has a TV screen. Since this area isn’t large, you may want to try to reserve seats in advance. Lovely staff and awesome Roman-attired cocktail waitresses make the experience that much more special.

The Venetian

This sportsbook is run by CG Technology (Cantor Gaming), worldwide experts in the gaming industry, and it is flat-out awesome. Not only is it open 24 hours a day, it is completely smoke-free. The best bit? It has one of the most amazing screens I’ve ever seen. Not only is it enormous, but the picture is so crisp and vivid that it makes you feel as if you’re right there on the field with the players (or horses)! On top of that, it can show more than 40 events at a time! Suffering from a sports overdose? CG Technology also offers a phone betting app and account system so you can place bets even if you are crazy enough to want to leave this incredible sportsbook.

Westgate Superbook (former Las Vegas Hilton – LVH)

Yes, you read that right: Superbook. And that is exactly what it is: The largest sportsbook in the world, with the largest LED video wall, tons of betting windows and over 400 seats. And since they want to be recognized worldwide as the best book of them all, they have put an unbelievable amount of effort into providing a purist sports and race betting atmosphere. No sports bettor should leave this city without experiencing this book. It is a little ways off the Strip, but luckily it’s a stop on the monorail. It’s totally worth it, I promise you!

Red Rock Casino & Spa

Red Rock Casino is located off the Strip near Red Rock National Park. Please believe me when I say that if you like sports and racing, you need to come and see this place. As luxurious as any Strip casino, with comps all over the place, and more TV screens than you could possibly imagine, it isn’t a local favorite for nothing. The room is huge, seating is comfortable, and the cocktail waitresses are nonstop. What more can you ask? If you plan to visit Red Rock National Park, please make sure you factor in this sportsbook. 

South Point Hotel & Casino

This casino is also located off the Strip, but it’s still on Las Vegas Boulevard, so any of the buses that roam the Strip will drop you right by it. This sportsbook is great for many reasons, but the most important is its completely separate sections for horse and race bettors. The book is open 24/7, making it super convenient to place a bet, and, believe or not, grab a bite to eat! I confess that I can be a pig on occasion (okay, more often than not … okay, always), and there is this deli right beside the sportsbook with the most amazing cakes and bagels ever, and … sorry, I digress.

Not only is this sportsbook extremely convenient, it also caters to many of the sharp bettors and handicappers in town. Believe me: if you want experience, this is the place to be.

The Plaza Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas

Located in Downtown Las Vegas, the charming Plaza Hotel has witnessed the history of this great city almost from its inception. Since it’s situated near Fremont Street, transportation is easy-peasy, with Strip buses making routine stops everyday. Moreover, this sportsbook is run by none other than William Hill, the internationally famous gaming company. And since it was recently renovated and expanded, it now features more TV screens in addition to its wide array of wagering options — more than any other sportsbook in town. So if your plans include visiting the Fremont Street Experience, do stop and check it out!

best race and sportsbooks in Las Vegas

What is your favorite sportsbook? Did we miss an important one? Please share your thoughts! There’s no such thing as too much information.


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