The Best Way to Watch a Supermoon in Vegas

best way to see a supermoon in Vegas

If you’re in Vegas this weekend, then you’re in luck! If you’re not, then what are you waiting for? Get those behinds right here, right now. There’s nowhere you’d rather be than our terrific city this weekend, trust me.

As all of you must be aware by now, Vegas endeavors to put on the best shows in the world! We have tons of choices, and with every hotel competing for excellence, you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. Music, arts, performers, magicians — you name it, we have it! And this weekend, nature conspires with us to put in the best show ever: The largest supermoon since 1948!

Vegas is blessed with perfect weather and wide open skies, and the forecast for Sunday and Monday (the prime supermoon-viewing days) is lows in the mid-50’s and highs in the mid-70’s with clear cloudless skies! Does it get any better?

The supermoon will be largest on Nov. 14 (yes, we know, it falls on a dreaded Monday), but it will still look pretty big on Sunday night!

The best time to watch a supermoon is as it comes up over the horizon early in the evening. Can you imagine what the Strip will look like with that grand glowing  moon in the background? Breathtaking!

Vegas’ wonderful weather has given me multiple opportunities to enjoy supermoons in town, and let me tell you: Nothing, nothing, can match watching with the Strip as a backdrop. You have to see it to believe it!

Now there is one way I haven’t experienced the supermoon (yet), and it is aboard a helicopter night tour. I’ve taken helicopter tours in the past, and I can only imagine the kind of view you’d get of the supermoon from the sky. We offer nightly helicopter tours, and I am sooo tempted — sorely tempted — to go ahead and book it for myself and my hubby! If you feel like doing it, here’s the link:

There will be another supermoon on Dec. 14, so you’ll have another opportunity to watch this beautiful show in Vegas if you can’t make it this weekend. But why wait?

best way to see a supermoon in Vegas


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