Daubing Away in Vegas: A Beginner’s Guide to Bingo

What? You thought you could only play slots and table games in Vegas? That bingo is just a wholesome Friday night outing for dear granny? Oh, boy, are you mistaken! You see, like everything Vegas, Bingo is a fun, sparkling, exciting and colorful experience you don’t want to miss! It’s one of my favorites by far!

You can find traditional bingo rooms all over town, but even traditional rooms are as special as Vegas is! Red Rock Station, for instance, offers sessions with party music, glow necklaces, and shots! There is another room that offers country music and line dancing, and some others host raffles and contests to go with their superb service, awesome drinks, and great payouts. Trust me: you need to try Vegas-style Bingo!    

Sadly, there are no bingo rooms on the Strip anymore, but pout not! There are tons of options all over town, from the old-school room at the Plaza on Fremont Street, to the stylish room at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino, to the electrifying bingo hall at Red Rock Station, I am sure you will find one that suits your style! There are so many that it would be impossible to talk about them all, but trust me: each one is its own kind of special.

Bingo rooms have plenty of offers and options to suit your fancy and your wallet. It all comes down to how much you want to spend, and if you would rather daub the numbers on paper or get a machine that does everything for you (yes, it even yells Bingo!). You can also do both (like I do!). Coming to a decision may be a daunting experience, but that’s why I’m here folks! I’ve got you!

Close-up of a bingo card and dauber

So let’s get the useful details out of the way first, and then move onto the fun. Bingo sessions usually last one hour and include 12 games. Paper packs consist of 6 pages, with six cards on each page, and they are good for almost every game in a session. I say “almost,” because there are extra games sold separately for one or two dollars apiece.

Bingo rooms also offer different jackpots during a session. Money balls or cash balls are paid when somebody hits a bingo on the first number called during the session (hopefully you, hopefully me!). Some of the extra games also offer huge jackpots for the lucky someone who yells bingo before a certain number of balls are called. Anticipation builds and adds to the fun when there is a chance to hit it big, baby!

Paper packs come in different colors, also known as levels, with different costs and payouts. More expensive packs will have better payouts. A blue pack (also known as a level one) is usually your cheapest option, at $5 a pack. Blue packs yield a $50 or $60 payout per bingo, depending on the room. The level two pack is usually red and comes with a $100 payout. Level three packs (usually green) have a $150 payout, and level four packs (typically a beautiful tan color) pay out $200. Bingo prizes per game are divided equally among the number of players hitting a bingo at the same time.

Vintage bingo pages

If you’d like to try your chances at multiple levels, try a small rainbow pack. As its name implies, it includes several cards of each color (except tan). The large rainbow includes tan cards, but it is only available for machine play.

Some bingo rooms have what is called as double- or triple-pay session, or a combination of both, meaning that you get twice or three times the payout of your color pack when you hit a bingo. Now isn’t that sweet!

If you want to play several cards at the same time, then a machine is the way to go. Bingo rooms have several offers for machine players, with combinations of packs for a single price. These deals are usually pretty good, and sometimes even include the extra games. If you choose this option, you will receive a ticket with a number. Enter the ticket number on your machine and you’ll see all of your purchased cards on the screen. As the caller calls the balls, your machine will keep track and let you know when you are one number away from hitting bingo. It’ll even yell bingo for you when you hit one. 

I usually play on a machine and paper, because … I LOVE daubers! Daubers are the bomb! They come in several colors and sizes and some even have glitter ink! My favorite! (This is Vegas, after all 😉 )

Now, the first thing I do is match my dauber with whatever I am wearing (you may call me shallow, but I prefer “detail oriented!”), and also with the color of the bingo pack I am buying.

Daubers cost roughly $1 to $1.50 each in bingo room self-serve machines. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Take a look and pick one or two … or three or four. They are all so pretty and who’s counting, anyway?

Now you are all set. Choose your spot, place your paper, machine, and daubers on the table, and head over to the Bingo Bar for a cocktail! Yes, cocktails! This is Vegas, after all. We want you to have a good time. No worries if you run out mid-session. Cocktail waitresses make rounds in case all of the bingo-yelling gets you parched.

Daubing Away in Vegas: A Beginner's Guide to Bingo

I hope you’re ready to play bingo next time you’re in our lovely city! If there is anything else you need to know (like dauber options!), please let us know! If you have a favorite bingo room in town, please share it with us! We would love to go play there ourselves. 

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