Here’s why you should take a helicopter (and not a bus) to see the Las Vegas Strip

I’ve been to the Las Vegas Strip many, many times, and I never would have imagined that looking down at the Strip from the sky would be so magical and dreamy. But it was just that and more; a truly incredible experience I will never forget.

If you want the best Strip view and experience, here’s why you should take a helicopter tour instead of a bus.

This helicopter tour is only $89

You just can’t beat the price. Why take a bus tour for $70 when you can take a helicopter tour for $89? It’s impossible to see the entire Strip on foot, or from inside a bus inching through traffic, but it takes just 15 minutes to see every square mile from a helicopter. 

Family-friendly Activity

Upon arrival at the North Las Vegas Airport (about 20 minutes from the Strip), we were greeted by super friendly and welcoming staff. After a routine weigh-in (part of FAA safety regulations), we boarded a shuttle bus that delivered us directly to the door of our helicopter. It was surreal.

Aboard the helicopter, our pilot patiently explained how to use the seat belts and got ready to fly. I was sitting in the front seat and a little nervous at the beginning, but boy did I make the best decision in my life (almost better than marrying my husband…shhh… 😉 )

Did I mention I brought my 1.5-year-old toddler with me? She sat in the back on my husband’s lap — most helicopter tours allow a single “lap infant” for a discounted rate — and she was the happiest little girl on flight! Considering I was a little scared myself, I can’t believe how well she did! So proud of her!

Great photo opportunity

If you are like me and love taking pictures (a lot) then this tour is definitely for you. From my seat in the helicopter, I was able to snap the kinds of pictures you only see in travel magazines! It’s just impossible to take bad pictures with an amazing view like this. The helicopter flies all over the Strip, from the Stratosphere to the Bellagio to the MGM and the Luxor. You literally see EVERYTHING on the Strip. When the Bellagio fountains went off, the view from above was insane.

Informative Guided Tour

One of the coolest parts of the tour (apart from the price and breathtaking views, that is!) was our pilot’s commentary. Throughout the flight, he talked to us through headsets, recommending the best angles for pictures and recounting crazy Vegas stories. He was knowledgeable, experienced, and crazy friendly. I felt completely at ease flying with him.

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience for me and my family. I never imagined a helicopter ride could be so magical, and I’m so glad we did it while it was still this price. You can book this special rate, too, but hurry! It’s going fast.

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Have you taken a helicopter tour before? Share your experience with us!


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