New to Vegas? Ask the locals!

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? But how many of you do it? A few, maybe, if we’re being honest. 

Let’s see if this rings a bell: You arrive in Vegas happy and excited, looking forward to seeing, tasting, and trying everything. Before traveling, you made plans to go to this buffet, or that one, or the other one … All of them! 

So you wake up absolutely famished on your first morning in town and head to the breakfast buffet. It’s all good until you get there and realize that the line is so long that you might end up eating at 3 p.m., and that’s if you’re lucky. 

“Oh, well,” you say. “What does it matter anyway? We are in Vegas, baby! It’s all part of the fun.”

But fifteen minutes later, it’s not so cool anymore. The people ahead of you are getting antsy and their kids start to cry. The tears seem to spread like a contagious disease because now your own kids are crying. The line is long. The line is no fun.

Later, much later — it may not be, but it sure feels that way — you finally reach the front of the line. It’s time to pay and … “Oops! Wait, what? How much for 2 adults and 2 kids? Really?” But you’re already there and hungry, so you pay and go eat. We’ve seen that time and time again.

Since gambling is sort of Vegas’ thing, I am going to bet you that you didn’t think to ask a local, even though locals know this city better than any tourist guide. 

Where do I find a cheaper buffet that’s just as good but with shorter lines? Hotel staff would probably point you to the buffet on property, or another at a sister property, but had you asked a local, you might have heard other options. A local might have told you about the same buffet, but they may have also suggested a better time to go, or given you the skinny on coupons and discounts. They may have even told you which buffet is their own family’s favorite (which would probably be a tasty and affordable option). 

And that is what this site is all about: offering you helpful choices from the local’s perspective. It is true that we’re in the business of selling tours, but it’s also true that your experience is our main priority. We can offer honest recommendations that are in your best interest. Of course that doesn’t make our recommendation the sole option — not at all! If you know of a different one, or a better one, please let us know! We want to try it ourselves! If you have questions or you’re looking for a specific recommendation, don’t hesitate to reach out. Write us, drop us a line, or send up a smoke signal. We truly want to hear from you and help you out. 

We love this city and truly hope that you do too. 

So, where do you want to start? Let’s get on it!

-The Benoic Team



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