How to Pack for Vegas All Year-round

how to pack for vegas all year-round
Get those Suitcases Ready! We are going to Vegas, Baby!

“Finally! My vacation is here! I have it all planned: where to go first; where I’ll eat as soon as I land; the list of casinos I want to visit; my Grand Canyon tour is booked, as well as a couple of shows; I’m going to Fremont Street, and maybe shopping… I have so many plans! I have no idea if I will have enough time to do everything on my list, but I will try for sure, or I’ll die in the attempt. The only part I am dreading is… yeah, you got it… packing.”

If you guys are like I used to be (and hopefully you are not), then you pack for three-day weekends the same as you would a six-month trip — and then end up buying stuff to compensate for forgotten items, or stuff you never really needed to begin with. Since I’m a local now, and I’ve learned from my experiences, I want to make your stay in my beloved city the best vacation you ever had. And it all begins with your suitcase. 

Las Vegas is 2000 feet above sea level, smack-dab in the middle of the desert. On average, Vegas enjoys over 300 days of pure sunshine and summer highs that often exceed 100 degrees. From October to April, temperatures may drop significantly, but there will still be plenty of warmer days thrown in the mix. What does this mean? That we need to divide our recommendations according to the season, of course!

Spring & Fall

Weather-wise, these are by far the best months in Las Vegas. Sometimes a bit chilly at night, but spectacular blue open skies throughout the day. It’s not so hot that you feel like you’re melting, and not so cold that you feel like you’re turning into a Popsicle.

These comfortably fluctuating temperatures are some of the best of the year, but they do make it difficult to form an accurate forecast (some days we’ll be at 75 degrees, then drop to 50, then bounce back to 65, and so on and so forth). As such, I always keep a pair of jeans, sweatpants (with the respective sweatshirt), and a pair of shorts handy, as well as a maxi skirt, long- and short-sleeve t-shirts, tennis shoes, a hat and sunglasses. There is no need to carry a bathing suit: If you feel like you need one, there will be plenty to choose from in our stores, but you probably won’t need it. Sunscreen is a must in the desert, regardless of the time of year. I recommend checking the weather forecast regularly — and I mean regularly — to get an idea what our weather will be like for your visit.


Sun, Sun, Relentless Sun (and Heat!)

Can you guess what my first recommendation will be? You got it! Sunscreen! I even keep a travel-size bottle in my bag so that I can re-apply it regularly.

My second recommendation is to bring extremely comfortable shoes (then again, this is also true for any season). However, I am partial to shoes with thick soles during the summer that keep my feet as far away from the scalding pavement as possible. However, many people wear flip flops without a problem (go figure!). Regardless, the important thing is to make sure that whatever shoes you wear are comfortable enough to walk long distances.

Another issue is what to wear in this heat. You are probably aware that in this beloved Sin City of ours, almost anything goes, but one of the things that will not do, is to go around naked. As much as you might think it would be a good idea, it is not, as you might end up with second-degree burns (oh yeah, and the fact that there are families and children out and about as well … yeah, yeah, we get it). As such, shorts are staples during the summer, as are t-shirts and sleeveless shirts. However, I will make another recommendation, which might not sound right, but it is: lightweight, long-sleeved cotton t-shirts are a great idea, firstly because they act as a second layer of protection against the sun, and secondly because cotton allows for better air circulation to keep you cooler. Other than that, grab hats, sunglasses, and a bathing suit (don’t look now, I’ve just reinvented the wheel!).  If your plans include visiting any of the trendy clubs, then please remember to check their dress code, but if you don’t, then don’t worry. There are tons of awesome stores stores in Vegas where you can pick up the perfect outfit for any special occasion.  


For me, this is the most charming season in Vegas. When the rest of the country is stuck in snow, our skies are still brightly blue. The sun shines, and the snow, oh the snow… looks gorgeous out on Mt. Charleston! Yes, we get to see snow, and it looks so pretty from afar (no shovels, people, no shovels!). When we do see the occasional snowfall in the city, it’s typically a mere dusting that melts once it hits the ground.

In Vegas winters, temperatures can be misleading. The sun shines so bright that even though a thermometer will tell you it is undoubtedly 50 degrees out, you’ll feel more like it’s in the 60s. At night we will believe what the thermometer says. So please do not forget your sweaters, jeans, tennis shoes, and of course, sunscreen!

How to Pack for Vegas Year-Round

So, tell us, what do you usually pack when you come to Vegas (besides the large purse to take home all your winnings?) Do you travel light or do you pack as if you were moving? Is your list similar to ours? Did we forget anything? Please let us know! At the end of the day, you can never have too much information!

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    • Fall/winter is the BEST time to visit. Apart from the great weather, hotels are cheaper and the Strip is less crowded. September is a great alternative for your friend, though, with all the kids back to school. 🙂 We hope you can make it down yourself sometime soon.

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