5 Free Things to do in San Diego

5 free things to do in san diego

We went to San Diego last weekend and I already miss this laid-back, beautiful, historical city. You can find some of the best Mexican food here, not to mention close-to-perfect weather (ideal for walking around and exploring the stunning city).

Here are five things you can do for FREE during your own San Diego adventure. Enjoy!

La Jolla Concert by the Sea

Free La Jolla Concerts by the Sea

La Jolla has hosted free summer concerts at Ellen Browning Scripps Park since 1984 — every Sunday afternoon from 2-4 p.m. Many families sprawl out on the big lawn area overlooking La Jolla Cove and chill to the tune of live music, but dancing is encouraged, too. There are concession stands and raffle tickets for sale. This is a family-friendly event you can’t miss. Unfortunately, it’s just been announced that this year’s concerts will  be the last due to increased city and county requirements and a lack of community support. If you want to help save the concerts, go to http://www.ljconcertsbythesea.org/.

Taking pictures with sea lions and seals at La Jolla Cove

Just steps away from Scripps Park, you can take pictures with hundreds of sea lions and seals lying on the rocks for FREE. The best time to see them is in the early morning and afternoon. Just be sure not to touch them and leave them plenty of space. The best spots to find them are the children’s pool and La Jolla Cove.

Free bus ride at Coronado

The free summer shuttle (904) runs every 15 minutes and takes you all around Coronado. To avoid traffic and wasting gas money, you should take advantage of this service! The shuttle runs from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and one hour later on Friday and Saturday.


Sunbathing at Coronado Beach

Sandy white Coronado Beach is the perfect getaway from the city. After sunbathing, cool down with an ice cream from Moo Time Creamery, within walking distance of the Hotel Del Coronado. Not sure what to pack for the beach? Check out our beach packing list.


Visiting Sunset Cliffs

The best place to watch a sunset in San Diego? Sunset Cliffs. The expansive ocean view and dramatic cliff formations will make your jaw drop! Visit Point Loma and see the Old Point Loma Lighthouse for FREE if you have extra time.

What else can you do in San Diego? We have created a 3 Days in San Diego Itinerary for your last minute Labor Day trip. You’re welcome! 😉

5 free things to do in san diego

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