5 Kid-friendly Places to Go in Vegas

5 Kid-friendly Places to Go in Vegas

The moniker “Sin City” doesn’t scream child-friendly, I’ll grant you, but Las Vegas is much more than the sum of its risque parts. Here are five of our favorite things to do in Vegas with the kids in tow. We promise you’ll enjoy all five every bit as much as they do. 

1. Container Park

In addition to a larger-than-life tree house playground where youngins can storm wooden bridges and a 33-foot slide, Container Park houses one of the coolest toy stores in town. Your kids aren’t the only ones who will get a massive kick out of the combination of nostalgic favorites and one-of-a-kind oddities at Kappa Toys. Squirrel Coffee Cups? Hurdy-gurdies? “Green” toy sets made of 100 percent recycled plastic? Sign me the heck up. After some good old fashioned horseplay and window shopping, you can hit the mainstage for live music or a family film (this weekend is the Disney-Pixar favorite “Inside Out”!)

Price Range: $$$$
Apart from a nominal parking fee and any extra spending you do in the boutiques, Container Park is totally free. Most shops are moderately priced.

2. Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

Where else but a wax museum can you pose with sports heroes, movie stars, and the President of the United States? We’re talking bunny ears with Leonardo DiCaprio and kissy faces with Bruno Mars, plus plenty of opportunities to pose with the superstars of yesteryear, from Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack to Lucille Ball and Elvis. Plus, Madame Tussauds is now home to the Hulk, Spiderman, and other Marvel legends. You’ll brush shoulders with them all en route to Tony Stark’s doomed press conference, which ends in a 4D theatrical adventure where you’ll save Las Vegas from a super villain’s evil plot.

Price Range: $$$$
Admission starts at $15.96 for children 3-12 and $23.96 for adults 13 and up.

3. Dig This Las Vegas

Dig This Las Vegas

Any kid who’s dreamt of shrinking down and hopping inside a Tonka truck will flip their lid for Dig This Las Vegas. At this sandbox-on-steroids, children as young as eight can operate industrial equipment including a skid steer track loader and a mini excavator. Depending on the experience you pick, your kids will either move (literal) tons of dirt and drive an obstacle course or dig massive trenches and play excavator basketball. All cabs are fully air-conditioned, too, making Dig This Las Vegas “summer safe” in addition to child friendly.

Price Range: $$$$
“Mini experiences” at Dig This start at $169 per child.

4. DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

Like Container Park, DISCOVERY is a great spot for families to go in Downtown Las Vegas. Its nine exhibition halls vary in theme from pirates and princesses at the Fantasy Festival exhibit (complete with a lifesize ship, castle, and stage) to scientific discovery and exploration at Patents Pending, a unique laboratory environment where tomorrow’s inventors can put their own creations to the test. At DISCOVERY, kids also have ample opportunity to indulge their imaginations in real-world settings like a grocery store, a smoothie shop, and a mechanic’s garage.

Price Range: $$$$
Admission is $14.50 for kids from 1-92. (It’s really 1-99, but I wanted to quote Nat King Cole. Let me have this.)

5. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Upon arrival at the Titanic Exhibit, you’ll receive a replica boarding pass and assume the role of passenger. Boarding pass in hand, you’ll take a mini-journey through the history of “the Ship of Dreams,” from its construction to its ill-fated maiden voyage. In addition to haunting artifacts recovered from the wreckage — among them luggage, an unopened bottle of champagne, and a portion of the ship’s hull — you’ll see a full-scale re-creation of the Grand Staircase as well as a newly expanded outer Promenade Deck kept at the same temperature felt on the night of April 15, 1912. At the tour’s end, you’ll get to touch a real iceberg and learn the fate of the passenger whose name you’ve carried for the duration of your journey. It’s a fascinating time for the whole family, and one that won’t soon be forgotten.

Price Range: $$$$
Admission starts at $24 for children 4-12 and $32 for adults 13 and up. (Local Deal Alert: General Admission is $29.00 with a valid Nevada ID)

5 Kid-Friendly Places to Go in Vegas

What do you do with your kids when you’re in a more adult destination? Let us know in the comments!

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