How to celebrate “Take Your Pants for a Walk” Day

How to Celebrate Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

Today’s the perfect day to take that walking tour you always wanted or to try a walking tour for the first time.  A walking tour is a great alternative to a traditional bus trip, especially when a city is tightly packed with sights to see. On walking tours, you still get an enthusiastic guide and a group of like-minded sightseers to explore with, but with more opportunities to see, touch, and experience your destination than you would on a bus.

On walking tours, the city before you opens up with every step, ready and waiting for your exploration.  There is so much to see in America’s great cities that driving between sights can end up costing you your city experience.

Take New York City, for instance. Bronx’s Little Italy and Arthur Avenue Tour, explores the history of Belmont and Fordham Road and how generations of Italian, Irish, and other immigrants shaped the history of the Bronx.

In New Orleans, the Cemetery and Voodoo Tour shows visitors easily missed yet essential parts of the city’s history and culture.

Walking tours ensure visitors ample opportunity to explore all of a city’s best stops and immerse their senses in an abundance of sights, sounds, smells, and tastes, as on the Culinary Walking Tour of Chinatown in San Francisco.

There is a walking tour out there for everyone, from foodies to movie buffs. Nothing will satisfy a true Potterhead like the Harry Potter Walking Tour of London, where would-be witches and wizards can see and in some cases touch scenes from the films, including the real-life Ministry of Magic.

Your pants will thank you for the experience.

How to Celebrate Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

Have you been on a walking tour before? Know of a great one? Let us know in the comments!

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