Vegas’ Best Frozen Treats (Off the Strip!)

Best Frozen Treats in Vegas

Las Vegas is just shy of a million degrees for most of the summer. I’m joking. It’s just shy of a million degrees from late spring until early fall. There are days when just stepping outside is the equivalent of being hogtied, tethered to a stick, and turned slowly over an open flame. It’s on those days that “frozen treats” become more like “frozen wills to live.”

It’s no secret that the Strip is bursting with ice cream parlors, gelaterias, and smoothie bars to help beat the heat, but who wants to pay $12 for a classic sundae and some basic relief? (I’m lookin’ at you, Serendipity 3)

Next time you’re in dire need of something cold and sweet and relatively cheap, try one of these off-Strip Institutions of Cool.

Luv-It Frozen Custard

Imagine a tightly packed cup of frozen vanilla custard. It is cold and rich and topped with hot fudge and caramel sauce, salted pecans, and a single maraschino cherry. It’s a salty-sweet daydream, creamy in a way you never thought possible. In your mouth, it feels the way that milk looks as it pours; an undulating ribbon of pure silk.

That’s the Western special from Luv-It Frozen Custard, and it is heavenly.

Not to be confused with other frozen treats, Luv-It’s simple four-flavor menu of chocolate, vanilla, and two unique “flavors of the day” is comprised of 100 percent egg-based custard. Denser than ice cream and smoother than froyo, custard is more flavorful than it is sugary, especially as Luv-It has prepared it for the past 43 years.

In fact, it’s little more than word of mouth and faithfulness to the original recipe that has kept locals lined up at its old-fashioned walk-up window since 1973. 

505 E Oakey Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Art of Flavors Gelato 

Art of Flavors Gelato in Las Vegas

Photo by Jessica Arnold.

Across the street from Luv-It, you’ll find another not-quite ice cream shop worth visiting. Art of Flavors is a gelateria and hipster haven, complete with a butcher block table, wooden stools, quaintly decorated bookshelves, and stylish metal sampling spoons. Its aesthetic is well-suited to the menu, which is comprised of one-of-a-kind flavors that you won’t soon find elsewhere.

Sassafras Root Bark, “Juliette the Goose” Egg and Sage Flowers, Cornbread Irish Whiskey Milk Jam, Turmeric Gold Milk, and Gunpowder Green Tea are among the more uniquely named and flavored gelatos, but there are plenty of traditional options in the mix, too, including a delectable espresso gelato complete with coffee bean bits.

While those with a taste for adventure will dig the surprising, black licorice-y bite of Sassafras Root Bark, tamer tastebuds will thank you for picking classic vanilla, 70% chocolate, or mint chocolate chip. For something new but not too intimidating, give Cornbread Irish Whiskey Milk Jam a try. It’s got a cozy, creamy flavor that’ll satisfy just about any sweet tooth.

Sampling is highly recommended, and the staff is lovely, so don’t hesitate to run a few taste tests before you make your final choice.

1616 S Las Vegas Blvd, Suite 130, Las Vegas, NV 89104

La Flor de Michoacan Ice Cream

It’s the only actual, factual ice cream shop on this list, and it is riquísima. The Mexican mom-and-pop shop is a bit of a hidden jewel, tucked in a strip mall suite on bustling East Charleston. There is almost always a line serpentining through the crowded shop, but the super friendly (and speedy!) staff settles most orders in record-breaking time. The only thing standing between you and your frozen treat is picking one.

It’s easier said than done, when you consider the menu. In addition to a selection of traditional ice cream flavors, they’ve got a variety of refreshing paletas, or fruit pops, ranging in flavor from strawberry and watermelon to guava, cantaloupe, tamarind, and mango with chili. On top of that, they’ve got milkshakes, banana splits, and tons of sundaes topped with everything from jimmies to wafer cookies to fresh fruit to chili.

To spare yourself a stressful first visit, skip the decision making and order a chamango — a large cup of creamy mango ice cream loaded with fresh mango cubes, spicy-sour chamoy sauce, lime juice, and chili powder, all garnished with a tamarind straw. You won’t regret it.

3021 Charleston Blvd, Suite B, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Best Frozen Treats in Vegas

Have you visited any of these ice cream parlors? Know of another great place for affordable sweets? Let us know below! 

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