Experience the Unusual

Been to the major sites in Europe? Traveled the U.S. and Canada? Feel like you’re ready to do something different?  There are still places in the world that can tease, transform, or just plain make you silly.  Try a few of these unique travel locations on for size.

Swap Beijing for Sichuan, China, home of the Leshan Giant Buddha. Carved into the mountainside, this 8th century Buddha is an impressive 233 feet tall. While in Sichuan, be sure to stay at the Panda Inn, where panda imagery is everywhere from the walls and furniture to the staff, who don festive panda costumes. (The management does ask that you try to keep a straight face while speaking with the staff.)

Instead of sailing Alaska, cozy up at the Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden. A mere 124 miles above the Arctic Circle, this property more than earns its name. From its church, main hall, and bar (whose glasses are also made of ice) down to the beds in its luxury rooms, the Icehotel is made almost entirely of ice. Be sure to dress warm and prepare for amazement — you won’t believe how warm a bed of ice can be.

Switch Costa Rica’s hot springs for the Pamukkale Thermal Pools in Turkey. The Pamukkale Thermal Pools look like fields of cotton balls — apt, since its name translates to cotton castle. The thermal pools are filled with natural hot spring waters that cascade down inclines to various tiers. The Pamukkale site includes a step-like stack of travertine’s, or calcium carbonate shelves, filled with warm, milky-blue water.  This otherworldly destination doubles as a great swap for Italy, too, for anyone with a penchant for ancient cities and culture.

Push New Mexico to the back burner and explore Pripyat, Ukraine, an abandoned city not far from the site of the deadly Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster. This switch will require a lot of its travelers as it is an eerie and potentially dangerous spot, but its horror movie aesthetic — complete with an abandoned amusement park and a touch of nuclear power — makes it a perfect location for spiritual moments.

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