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Hold on to your Mickey hats — the Shanghai Disney Park is opening June 16, 2016! Disney fans be warned: your “True Fan” status goes on notice as soon as the kingdom is open for business. A True Fan, of course, has visited three or more different parks and taken at least one cruise, while the more distinguished Disneyphile — the “Ultimate Fan” — has been to more than four different parks, taken several cruises, gone on an Adventure By Disney tour, and gotten at least one Disney Character emblazoned somewhere on their person in ink.  Of course, this is all semi-controversial opinion, but shouldn’t the “Ultimate Fan” be about everything Disney, and not just a thousand separate visits to a single theme park?  I believe in the well-rounded fan, after all. And what better way to get your Disney education than a trip to Shanghai Disney?

According to the Los Angeles Times, the new park will be the second-largest Disney property in the world, behind only Walt Disney World. Shanghai Disneyland’s six themed lands — Fantasyland, Treasure Cove, Adventure Isle, Tomorrowland, Mickey Avenue and Gardens of Imagination — will carry on the Disney Parks’ 60-year legacy across the globe. With the magic of Disney storytelling, Shanghai Disneyland will celebrate China’s rich heritage and culture to create an experience that is both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.

Shanghai Disney was supposed to open in 2015, but the date was pushed back after investors decided to pour an additional $800 million into more attractions. Imagine what that means for the rides, the features and the shopping!

In addition to hosting the tallest castle at any Disney park, the resort will also feature two hotels, including a Toy Story-themed getaway. A recreational area called Wishing Star Park will include acres of open space with a lake, walking paths and gardens for guests.

Call us to book your Shanghai adventure, Disney or otherwise, at (800) 675-4157!


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