Experience Gastrotravel: Part Two

If you’ve read part one of our gastrotravel series, then you already know three of the world’s hottest foodie destinations. You’ve had a sampling of England’s hip Borough Market, Chile’s world-famous ice creamery, and China’s traditional food stalls. Going forward, we’ll explore buffets in Vietnam, brunches in Australia, and coastal cuisine in Ecuador.

When exploring Vietnam’s many cities, be sure to try the pudding in Sago. It’s a sweet treat made from tapioca pearls in milk and sugar (you will know if you are familiar with bubble tea). Sago buffets include different varieties of sago pearls in all shapes, sizes and flavors. And guess what? You can eat as much as you want for only $1 USD! Vietnamese spring rolls are another must-try. You’ve probably seen this dish at your favorite Asian restaurant. A spring roll is a fresh and healthy dish made of prawn, pork, vegetable and vermicelli noodle wrapped in rice paper and dipped in peanut sauce.

Australia’s endless coastlines inspire much of the country’s food scene. From northern beaches to New-York-style drinking holes, Sydney, Australia tempts you one tasty meal at a time. Over the past decade, Sydney has developed a brunch obsession due to its residents’ fondness for good coffee, casual alfresco dining, and freedom from pesky reservations. On weekends, Sydney locals are increasingly likely to be found polishing off a dish of fried egg and chili, rocket and spiced mango chutney on a brioche roll, or fig and walnut bread.

The subject of Ecuadorian food scarcely passes without some mention of the traditional dish Cuy, or guinea pig. However, there is much more on the menu in Ecuador than your friendly pet. Ecuadorians put a twist on South American favorites and offer unique dishes all their own. Ecuadorian Dishes on the coast normally contain seafood whereas up in the Andean region you will find more meat, rice and potatoes. Soups seem to be popular everywhere. While in Ecuador, you should take advantage of the large variety of fresh fruit that is available including the local naranjilla which has a flavor described as a cross between rhubarb and lime.

Stay tuned for part three of our gastrotravel series and prep your palate with a look at our one-of-a-kind culinary tour.


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