Experience Gastrotravel: Part One

The traveler of today is more cultured than the tourist of 20 years ago, especially when it comes to the millennial generation. Of course one of the biggest reasons is exposure to the Internet and the emergence of niche food programs, not to mention the celebrity chefs of today. Today’s travelers are concerned about the environment, interested in a health and well-being lifestyle, and want to experience the local culture when they travel. Food is a significant aspect of the tourist’s experience of a destination and shapes gastro destinations such as France, Italy and California

When you eat, it evokes memories from sweet to savory. Gone are the days of British tourists ordering egg and chips in Ibiza and Americans sticking to Kentucky Fried Chicken Australia.

These are the hottest foodie destinations across the globe.

England a global gastronomic hotspot where you can experiment with dishes you won’t find anywhere else. London is a multiethnic city that offers food from all corners of the earth, and its Borough Market is best spot to try the latest concoction of truffle oil, quinoa burgers and cookies that are often larger than your head. This market is the number one food stop in London, curating a food for only the trendiest taste buds!

Chilean food has a variety of ingredients and flavors, many of which come from local crops, agricultural produce and seafood. You will not be disappointed by a traditional Chilean dish. In Santiago you will find one of the best ice cream parlors in the world – Emporio La Rosa. Among its variety of flavors is a true taste of Chile: the manjar, a sweet filling similar to dulce de leche that will satisfy those with a sweet-tooth. Miel de ulmo is flavored with nectar from the native ulmo tree, while chocolate araucano blends coco with flavors from the country’s indigenous Mapuche cuisine.

If you’re traveling to China for the first time, or if you’ve been to China many times, it’s essential that you remain careful about what you eat. Food safety is a very real concern in China, so it is important to be savvy and keep your eyes open. However, some of the best tasting (and least expensive) food in China is sold at stalls. The Chinese dumpling or “Jiao Zi” is a food loved by all. Both cultural and traditional, the dumpling is a symbol of home and family. Another popular Chinese food is Jian bing guo zi. This savory pancake is sold on Beijing’s streets and is a perfect traditional breakfast to begin your day. You can buy them at most street stalls and eat them on-the-go.

Stay tuned for parts two and three of our gastrotravel series, or give us a call to get a jump start on your own menu-tinery: (800) 675-4157.


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