Experience a Star Wars like Vacation

You don’t have to visit a galaxy far away to vacation like you’re in a Star Wars movie. Even though you won’t find the fictional places to vacation, there are real-life alternatives that provide all the benefits of a vacation. Star Wars day,also known to those on Earth as May 4th, is the perfect time to start your much need vacation.falcon

Ready to travel in Star Wars style, then lets start in Egypt for a Resort on the Red Sea coastline that is comparable to  Luke Skywalker’s home in Tatooine.  The Hotel also known as The Turtle House, will let you relax, and contemplate like in the larger than life desert atmosphere.  If you have the time and money there is a little known villa in Bali that is a ringer for the Millennium Falcon.  You can rent the entire villa or one of the private guest rooms in the main villa.  It’s close to Canguu and Echo beach, and has terraces with views of the river and everything the island of Bali has to offer. Looking to stay among the Wookies deep in the jungles? Adventure to the jungles of southern India for a stay at a private 400 acre estate  complete with a working coffee and vanilla plantation, in the Kerala rain forest, the resort has a main lodge with eight well-appointed rooms. The 500-square-foot tree house, built from coffee wood and equipped with a king-size bed, has a full bath, veranda, and the trunk of a flowering Royal Poinciana growing through the bedroom. Swing through the jungle on rope bridges looking for the quirky Wookies or just relax in a the tucked away spa.  Where ever you go you can find a little piece of Star Wars legend, truth or effect.  May the force be with you in all your travels!