Explore Cuba

The chance to see and explore Cuba has now come to the United States.  An increase in popularity and ever-expanding tour options have opened up this little island a mere 90 miles from the United States.

There are currently over 30 different tour companies that offer a variety of people-to-people tours. The people-to-people program must include daily activities which yield meaningful interaction between the visitors and the Cuban people. On your visit, you’ll develop an understanding of local musicians, factory workers and citizens. On a visit to Havana you should stay in the iconic Hotel Nacional and explore the old world architecture of the city.  Learn the rhythm of Cuba through Salsa dancing or visit a Cuban family to truly taste the flavors of Cuba.

You can pay a visit to a Cuban cigar factory and the artisans that labor to make the world’s favorite cigars. Tropical heat will follow you through every wide doorway on your stroll along cracked marble floors will have you wondering just how many shoes have walked these weathered pathways before you. The clamor of workers going about their business reaches your ears and grows in volume with every step: A shout in rapid-fire Cuban Spanish, a call to an amigo, a friendly laugh — all are part of the experience.

Hop on a steam train for a ride through the Valley of the Sugar Mills, heading east from Trinidad toward the wooded hills , the Sierra del Escambray. Some land is agricultural, some scrub, but much of it is undeveloped only to be broken by an occasional rocky stream of clear flowing water.  Then take a charming train ride on the 1907 locomotive that still steams through valleys of the local farms.

As Cuba tourism expands and the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba strengthens, now is the time to cross Cuba and its 1950’s style off your bucket list.

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