Beauty of China

Take in the Beauty of China and all its majesty,  A trip to China is a must for your bucket list, this amazing land is full of history and charm that only China can provide.  China is like no other spot on earth, vast, full of people, history around each corner along with charming people.

Start in Beijing, with a cultural and scenic city with a history over 3000 years old. It’s temples and palaces scattered through this modern city.  Only an hour and half away is the Great Wall of China, this amazing site will leave you in awe as you ponder the skill and time it took to design and implement the longest man-made structure in the world.  A visit to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City is an essential for your visit in Beijing.

A stop in Xi’an is marked by the start of the famous “Silk Road” that linked China with the Roman Empire, opening up the trade routes and business along the road.  As the capital for eleven dynasties from 11th century B.C. to early 10th century, history surrounds this city known as the city of “Everlasting Peace”.

Take in Shanghai, The largest city in China, is also its most cosmopolitan, offering visitors a chance to experience the past, present, and future all at once. The Huangpu River splits Shanghai into two districts: Pudong and Puxi. T. On the Puxi side, you can walk the Bund riverside district to get a taste of old Shanghai. Old Shanghai bustles with shopping and culture.

With a taste of history, a dab of shopping and swirl of culture, China is the best combination of an amazing country that offers something for everyone and is a must see for all.