Explore Portland

Try visiting a city that is beautiful and laid back, with great open-air markets, accessible natural wonders and a thriving arts and music scene. If all of this sounds good, get on your way to Portland, Oregon.

This slower-paced city has a more environmentally friend feel, lots of healthy eating choices, co-op’s and a population of smiling faces. With an eclectic mix of people, art, and the outdoors, this city has a lot to offer its visitors.

Stay at a beautiful riverside hotel like the RiverPlace Hotel. Its large rooms and exceptional views make this gem a little on the pricier side, but it is well-worth the cost.

Try a coffee tour for a city walk that includes taste tests of some of Portland’s most fabulous specialty coffees. Don’t let the laid back pace deter you from getting your shopping experience in. The city hosts several wonderful outdoor markets, from the fresh food farmers markets to the Portland Saturday Market.

Along with coffee tastings and shopping trips, make sure you take time to access hiking trails, volcanic mountains and micro-breweries. All of these unique spots offer a hip alternative to the city stay. A visit to one of the city’s gardens will slow your pace and remind you to stop and smell the roses — and there’s nowhere but the City of Roses will they smell so sweet.