Experience Madison, Wisconsin

You may not have Madison, Wisconsin in mind as a great vacation spot, but you might be surprised what the city has to offer. From concerts in the square and a multitude of lakes to children’s museums, art exhibitions, shorelines, dance festivals, theaters, butterfly gardens, and the Science Alliance, Madison has something for everybody.

This town of around 250,000 people has lots of spring and summer activities for the entire family. Try a night with the Madison Mallards, the town’s minor-league baseball team, or have a go at another outdoor activity.  Accommodations are plentiful and pocket book friendly, with room averages of $120.00 a night.

You can’t talk about Madison if you don’t talk about the cheese. Take in a Cheese factory tour in the surrounding area and be a cheese head forever after.

Just don’t let the family friendly atmosphere fool you. There are serious restaurants and gourmet eateries throughout the city. Stop by L’Etoile Restaurant for top-notch French cuisine or La Taguara, a Venezuelan restaurant where you can get delicious Latin American fare. Both restaurants will win you over with amazing food.

This town will surprise you with things to do, places to visit and food to eat. So stop by Madison if you’re in the area and enjoy!

(800) 675-4157


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