Why should I buy Travel Insurance?

That’s a great question, and one we get over and over from our customers. Here are a few reasons that travel insurance is important:

  1. Do you have children? Is it safe to assume they only get sick at the most specific and convenient times? And if they do just-so-happen to come down with, say, the chicken pox or the flu prior to departure, I suppose they are still a joy to travel with? Well, you’ve just found the number-one reason to buy travel insurance.
  2. Do you have elderly parents? Do they need you on occasion as the result of an untimely fall or illness? More likely than not, you can’t leave them on their own to sort things out.  Reason number two just fell into your lap.
  3. Have you ever traveled away from home and eaten something you probably shouldn’t have? Monkey’s brain in Hong Kong, fish tacos from a trunk in Mexico, or oysters from a Bulgarian street vendor? Lo and behold: reason three.

Need a little extra incentive? Purchasing travel insurance is much more than getting your money back if you have to cancel. You also get weather protection (ever sit in hotel lobby clinging to each other in the dark during a hurricane? FUN!) and 24/7 assistance with missed connections, lost baggage and passports, emergency return travel, locating local ATMs and so much more!

So be smart, call us and add travel insurance to your booking today: (800) 675-4157


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