Experience San Andres, Colombia

Though it’s only 16 square miles, this little island packs a punch. Smack-dab between the Caribbean and Colombia, San Andres has the best of both worlds. The gorgeous clear waters surrounding the island are known for incredible diving, sea life and nature.

You can also relax with the simple rhythm of reggae, admire nature parks, walk on deserted beaches and enjoy the slow passage of time. If you’re looking to do more than lounge seaside, plan your visit during the Green Moon Festival, a week of arts and cultural activities. The event is a hug in the form of music and tradition, which will throb with love, joy and fellowship. It involves the history of these islands and the complete disappearance of the indigenous presence in the wake of British colonization and slavery. The mix of cultures is manifested today in sanandresana culture.

Another plus? San Andres has a rich history of pirates, and you can explore island coves for treasure and walk in the footsteps of the scalawags that once stopped on the island.

The coast is freckled with hotels of every size, so you wont have a problem finding the perfect place to stay. Just give us a call to get started: (800) 675-4157.


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