Experience Seattle

Seattle is an eclectic city comprised of gorgeous views and amazing activities. From family-friendly excursions to girls’ getaways and quick visits, this city has a lot to offer everyone. Seattle is more than the grey clouds and drizzle it’s perhaps best-known for; the things to do here outnumber the days in the year.

Of course there are must-do’s, like a visit to the incredible 520-foot Space Needle, but in Seattle there’s another treasure around every corner.  Dine atop the Space Needle and trace outlines of the Cascades against the misty horizon. Instagram Mt. Rainier. Track ferries and boats as they cruise through Elliott Bay. Listen to the distant hum of people, cars, trains, buses, and bikers bustling around Downtown Seattle. Stop at Pikes Place Market, where you can buy and taste some of the freshest fish and see a mini show when the Mongers (employees) entertain you with fish throwing (and catching)!

If you’re traveling with kids, stop by the Museum of Flight and show them airplanes from the first 100 years of flight, or go to the Pacific Science Center at Seattle Center for a hands-on experience tailored to kids 3 and up. Ready to experience Seattle’s sporty side? If you plan right, you can take in a game with the Mariners or the Seahawks.

Give yourself ample opportunity to spend time outside as the beautiful Pacific Northwest is at your toes. There are many campsites within hours of the city. If camping is a little much for you, try a day trip to a nearby island.

There is much more to Seattle than grunge and rain. Come discover just how much: (702) 410-2668 / reservations@benoic.com


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