Vegas: The Bachelor/ette Experience

So you’re settling down. Someone kneeled, a ring was presented, and now your life is chock-full of painstaking wedding preparations. You’re totally in love, so the painstaking part is well-worth the effort, but you could use a little stress relief, and we’ve got just the thing. You know what you need? One last hurrah. You might’ve sown your fair share of wild oats already, but the last of them is burning a hole through the ring finger on your left hand and it might just haunt you ’til your Golden Anniversary if you don’t toss it to the wind now.

What better place for wild oats and wind than Sin City? Yeah, I know: This metaphor is a stretch. But it’s not like you want your wild oats growing like weeds, anyway. The desert is really pretty ideal, and there is no better stretch of scorching dirt and cacti than Vegas. Head into the heart of town — the Strip — and you’ll find an oasis of topless revues (for ladies and gents, thank you), fantastic cocktails, luxurious pools and spas, and some of the most original bachelor/ette activities this side of the Mississippi. And the best bit? Say it with me, now: Whatever happens here, stays here (with the exception of police involvement and venereal diseases).

So you’re sitting in front of your phone or computer, scrolling with vague interest and thinking, “Great. Your point?” And to that I snap, “I’m getting to it! Could you wait?

Just kidding. To that I say: “We can do all of that for you!” The cocktails, the clubs, the pools, the gorgeous scantily clad people —  they are all a single reservation away for you and your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and everyone in between. Spend four days and three nights on the Strip fulfilling every singleton’s dream itinerary. Since we’re Vegas locals, we take care of you from arrival to departure and get you the best that our town has to offer.

Both bachelors and bachelorettes will receive private airport transfers, nightclub admittance, and passes to a scandalous striptease, but bachelors will also go to a proper gentlemen’s club while ladies will meet their inner stripper at a pole dancing class and go on a shopping tour to the sprawling North Premium Outlets.

Not a bad send-off into Matrimony Land.

And if you’re not into stripteases, pole dancing, or Vegas’ more adult-themed activities, we can tailor the package to better suit your and your wild oats’ needs.

Just give us a call or visit us online: (702) 410-2668 / /


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