Experience San Antonio


Every day is a good day to be in San Antonio. This jewel of a town is on the south side of Texas but is a stop you can’t afford to miss. San Antonio is a diverse city with all of the attitude of Texas plus culture, history, and flavors from across the border.

Famous for the Alamo, this former fort town is exploding with history and stories. The Texas Revolution fought here left much more than the fort found in the center of town; great ghost stories and lost dreams are around every corner. You must try a nightly ghost tour; your guide will point out all the ghostly visiting spots.

riverwalkUp for a great walking adventures? Then try the famous Riverwalk. Whether by boat or by foot, the lovely river that meanders through downtown San Antonio is a wonderful cross section of the city. The lush flowers, outdoor dining, and great year-round weather make this a very enjoyable spot.

If you only go once, go during Fiesta. It’s held every year in April, when the entire city shuts down for a party. With family friendly floats, parties, food, and activities for everyone, event has become a city-wide tradition. It began as a way to honor the memory of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. That commemoration still takes place, but over the past century and more, Fiesta has grown into a celebration of San Antonio’s rich and diverse cultures. 2015 marks Fiesta’s 124th anniversary. Book early as the city grows by 3.5 million during this time.

San Antonio is more than the beautiful Riverwalk or the Fiesta. It also hosts premier golfing and the San Antonio Spurs basketball team and is quickly becoming a foodie destination, as well. The mix of Texmex was born and lives here, as the cuisine from Southern Mexico swirls around the traditional Texas cuisine.

The best hotel in town is in the heart of everything. The Emily Morgan San Antonio dates back to the 1920s and offers gothic-style embellishments that tell an interesting story of the building’s famous history. If you’re looking for a hotel closer to the Riverwalk, try the Westin. It overlooks the river and it’s beautiful location and great staff that will make your trip.  Maybe you’ll even see celebrity such as Tommy Lee Jones, Shawn Michaels, A Dixie Chick or every one of the Spurs.

This Texas City has more to offer then first meets the eye, and you’ll only really know it when you stop on by.


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