Experience Jamaica


Feel the warm breeze comb your hair and lyrical music sway you as you land in Montego Bay. The sprawling beach and earthy reggae are your welcome to the “Yeah, mon” of Jamaica. The sights and sounds will relax you until you’re ready to leap into the crystal clear water and begin sipping rum.

Sandals-Royal-Caribbean-2Gorgeous Montego Bay is a transfer point for most of the island and your real first stop is Sandals Royal Caribbean, a hop and a skip from the airport. This resort boasts a private island that promises romance. At Sandals, you are pampered and treated like royalty with incredible service and private access to lush grounds. The accommodations will make your room feel like paradise, but don’t spend too much time inside; adventure awaits you.

Your next stay is a real change of pace. The Rockhouse in Negril is a piece of heaven where you will have your own private cliff-top villa, complete with a thatched roof. This unique hotel and resort is a definite luxury with cliff-side dining that features traditional Caribbean food.


Once your palate has been tempted with a taste of the traditional, get wild with Hedonism II. Indulgence was born at this hideaway, and you’ll find all of the rumors to be true. Wild nights and crazy days abound in this top-rated clothing optional resort.

Wherever you stay, don’t miss classic island sites such as Dunn’s river falls, an incredible waterfall that flows for over 600 feet. Zip lining, kayaking, bobsledding and river rafting are other adventures you can take in the lush jungles and rivers that make up Jamaica.

If you don’t pick up at least one thing with Bob Marley’s face on it or have your hair braided, then you haven’t had enough rum and you’ll just have to stay until you do.


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