Experience Italy

italian-major_0History, religion, and food; where do all of these come together in one of the world’s most-visited countries? Italy, of course.  History must be discussed when visiting Rome.  Its shadows are older than most of America, and the echo of religion that is steeped in the walls and the food lifts your head to the heavens. The romance of Rome is heard in the fountains and on the steps everywhere you go, from the faint echoes of the coliseum halls to the light chattering of street-side cafés.

Today, most travelers start their journey in this captivating historic city, but amalfi-coast-2don’t let your traditional sensibilities sway you from the other endless beauties Italy has to offer.  The romance of millions of Italians is felt in the air from Lake Como to Venice, and in every small town and city in-between.  From the rich architectural sights of Pisa to the dreamy Amalfi coastline, you will be in wonder.

The simple, familiar desire never to return home floods you in Tuscany. Enchanting museums and culture take your breath away in Florence. You have now found Pizza that brings tears to your eyes, and as the pasta rolls around in your mouth, you have truly experienced Italy.

Let us find the perfect Italian tour for you: (800) 675-4157


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