To Paris (Or Rome!) with Love

When looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift, try booking a getaway to Paris or Rome.  Both cities are amazing destinations with history, food and limitless romance. Book now and travel later with either of these incredible destinations.

parisWith divine cuisine, classic architecture and the glittering lights of the Eiffel Tower, it’s little wonder France’s “City of Lights” was voted one of the world’s top romantic destinations. We suggest a full week in Paris to truly experience all the city has to offer.

When you visit Paris as part of a guided tour, you’ll be taken to your hotel upon arrival. There, you’ll have a local host standing by for the duration of your trip to assist you with everything from VIP access to attractions to locating the perfect spot for a picnic and a stroll along Champs-Elysées, known for its chic boutiques and cafés. You’ll have ample opportunity to marvel at the Arc de Triomphe in addition to your romantic Parisian excursions. Consider ascending the Eiffel Tower for dinner or taking a smooth cruise on the Seine River. Or get out of the city and visit the Palace of Versailles, the Normandy landing beaches, or the castles of the Loire Valley. Your sense will come alive as you experience every nook and cranny of the “City of Light.”


If Paris doesn’t tickle your taste buds, a bite of Rome may sate your craving for romance. A week-long getaway to the “Eternal City” brings sumptuous cuisine, architectural and artistic treasures, excellent wine, splendid beauty, and ancient ruins.

With Trafalgar, your 7-day vacation includes prearranged hotel reservations, rometravelguide5daily breakfasts, sightseeing tours, and a local host who is there for you throughout your stay to answer questions, offer suggestions, share little-known secrets, and help your vacation run smoothly. Between the sightseeing and guides we’ve included, the breakfasts we’ve included, and the hotel we’ve booked, we’ve made your vacation easy. Add the comfort of knowing you’ll have someone there who speaks the language, knows the city, and can assist you, and you’ve got yourself a marvelous vacation with a warm “benvenuto” and a smile.


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