Rock in Rio: The VIP Experience


Escape to Las Vegas for five days of music and luxury at the world’s hottest music festival, Rock in Rio. The two-weekend event boasts 30 plus internationally known artists, six stages, and a variety of “streetscapes” that give the brand new MGM festival grounds the feel of a city within a city. And when you attend as a VIP, you’ll experience the music event of the year as only its headliners do.

One-day VIP admission has always been available through the official Rock in Rio website, but festivalgoers can now secure VIP wristbands for both days of the event with the purchase of Benoic Ventures’ VIP Platinum package. The passes themselves include premium liquors, gourmet catering, exclusive access to private festival grounds, and unlimited access to all attractions, but your package guarantees that the VIP treatment doesn’t begin and end at the festival entrance.

With Benoic, you’ll get the full rock star experience from landing ‘til takeoff. The drab airport routine will become a hazy memory when you find your name scrawled on the sign of the personal driver awaiting you. You’ll savor your first moments in this exciting city from inside a luxe private car bound for the SLS, the newest hotel in town. The chic-yet-playful resort houses a lavish spa, two incredible pools, and three swanky nightclubs – and it’s right across the street from Rock in Rio’s 33-acre festival grounds.

After check-in, you’ll get a formal introduction to Las Vegas on a high-energy tour along the Strip from the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign to Downtown’s Fremont Street. Since Rock in Rio doesn’t commence until 3 p.m., you’ll have all night to party plus plenty of time in the morning to enjoy a leisurely shopping tour to one of Vegas’ top malls for souvenirs or the perfect festival ensemble. When you arrive back at the SLS by luxury motor coach, you will still have plenty of time to prepare for the festival day and night ahead.

As a VIP guest, you’ll enjoy two whole days of savory cuisine, delicious drinks, and unlimited access to every attraction from the enormous roulette-inspired Ferris wheel to the hair-raising zip-line that soars across the Main Stage. In between the eats, attractions, and concerts, explore the grassy grounds and Disneyland-esque “rock streets” for a truly unique festival experience. And if you find yourself getting sleepy, don’t worry; along with over 20 hours of cavorting to a live soundtrack, your admission comes with one re-entry, giving you time to return to the SLS for some shut-eye.

You may be sad when the curtain closes on Rock in Rio day two, but your Vegas experience isn’t over yet. Your last full day in Sin City will culminate in the adventure of your choosing, either aboard a helicopter bound for the Grand Canyon or a red-hot Ferrari about to tear through a racetrack.

VIP supplies are limited, so contact us now to experience Rock in Rio (and Vegas) like never before!


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