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England’s favorite city, London, is a favorite among many travelers.  This city appeals to just about everyone, from the vegetarian traveler to the adventure traveler and everyone in-between.  London gives everyone a taste of the best of many cultures and traditions.  This city boasts traditional travel sights such as Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and Harrods, but London is so much more than its landmarks.

The rich theatre life, quirky tours, crazy sights and television- and film-themed stops all combine for a must-see destination.  Are you a fan of “Sherlock Holmes,” “Harry Potter” or “Doctor Who”? London is filled with stops and sights that will bring your favorite stories to life.  You may stroll down Baker Street, pop in at the Ministry of Magic or even spot a TARDIS; London has all of these things and more.

I recommend trying a new sight in this old city. The London Eye overlooks most of the city from its perch near Big Ben not far from the Thames. You will experience London as few do from inside a whimsical glass capsule with incredible views. Or, if you’re looking for something truly odd, try Get Stuffed, the UK’s premier taxidermy company. It boasts hundreds of animals and they might even show you a trick or two.

crown jewelsAll of this too crazy for you? Take in the sight of millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry surrounded by a truly bloody history.  Its impressive structure and endless tragedy make the Tower of London a sight to behold, and don’t forget local eats. London’s food is just as varied as its visitors. The endless vegetarian options mixed with traditional English options next to delicious Indian and international restaurants make the city a foodie’s paradise.  London is not traditionally considered a place for the best food, but don’t let that lead you astray.  The influence of Spanish, German, French and Italian flavors have greatly added to the food landscape of modern London.

You won’t find yourself starved for food or sights, and you could very well find yourself in love with London.

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