Experience Costa Rica

An incredible vacation starts with Costa Rica, a dream destination that will soon become your favorite getaway! With easily accessible daily flights, you can reach this rich and diverse destination within hours. From the moment you reach the ground, your eyes will go wide with wonder at the local people and their warm, inviting land.


Costa Rica’s vibrant capital city of San Jose captures the hustle and bustle of city life and makes an ideal first stop. For great cafés, food and shopping, make the famous Mercado Central your first Costa Rican experience. The block-long market was established in 1880 and still has everything you need in one location, including a host of unique shops and an amazing ice cream parlor – La Sorbetera de Lolo Mora. La Sorbetera only serves one flavor, but it mixes vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg like no other. Don’t forget to stroll the city to soak up the classic architecture, stunning churches and amusing theatre options surrounding you; you’ll almost believe you made a wrong turn and wound up in Europe.

Your next stop should be the most accessible volcano in the country, Arenal Volcano. The ride from the city to your next stop is a sight to behold. As the city fades into lush green trees and twisting roads, you will find yourself eagerly awaiting the next step in your adventure. If you ever wanted to climb a volcano and relax in the nearby hot springs, Arenal is the spot to go. The gorgeous scenery is an added bonus for those who wish to take a carefree hike up and along the gently sloping sides of this massive volcano. Nearby town La Fortuna offers a breath of small town air and holds a quiet surprise – a delightful Vienna bakery. Direct from Vienna, the baker at this café takes pride in his uniquely Viennese fare.

Ready for action? Then the ATV ride, horseback or bicycle trails are next up. As the day unwinds, relax in the hot springs and finish the day with a savory meal – but know there’s still much more to discover in paradise. Next, try the beaches in lush Guanacaste. You’ll find large hotels along the sprawling coast line, complete with perfect spots for lying by the pool, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling or white water rafting. Don’t forget to try the exhilarating zip lines, winding trails and fascinating cruises.

Costa Rica truly is an experience for all and a must for every bucket list. To find the perfect experience for you, call or email one of our expert guides.

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